This is a question most organizations come up against deciding if building a completely custom software system to handle their business requirements is worth the cost. In the real world, this almost always comes down to a couple of factors time and cost

Here are few bullets to help you decide what route to take.

Choose custom software when:

“Error establishing database connection” is a warning message that can be somewhat is one of our top support requests. This frequently happens when someone attempts to load a webpage and all you see is a white box with this baffling warning message. This warning implies your website is unable to communicate with a WordPress database connection which beings down your entire site.

The most common errors establishing a database connection in WordPress

Invalid Sign-in credentials

One of the most common issues is that the credentials of databases are not correct. If these are incorrect then. WordPress is unable to bring any information from the database. …

What Technical Debt Is

In the software development process, there is a term called Technical Debt. This is a common metaphor that is used to refer to the short-term decisions you make while writing code, this usually happens when you have strict timelines and managers/stakeholders pushing you to get something into production.

This is Wikipedia definition:

“Technical debt (also known as design debt or code debt, but can be also related to other technical endeavors) is a concept in software development that reflects the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy (limited) solution now instead of using…


Most of us can hardly conceive of life without the internet. Some have argued that no other single invention has been more revolutionary since Gutenberg’s printing press in the 1400s has changed the World as much as the web. The world can be “at your fingertips” at the click of a mouse — if you can use a mouse… and see the screen… and hear the audio you have a wealth of information at your fingertips.

According to Google, there are around 7.53 billion people in the world, and 4.48 billion use the internet. That means, 58% of the world’s…

In this article, I am going to go over a few easy steps for adding an MLS search to your WordPress (or any) website .

Step 1 — Choosing the Technology

The first step to take is to decide which IDX technology to choose. The term IDX is the short form for Internet Data Exchange and refers to the process of transferring property listings from an MLS database to your website. So, choosing the right technology is extremely important since it can affect other parts of your site. There are three primary methods for adding listings. The first is IDX framing technology, which is cheap but…

What is Web Hosting?

The term web hosting refers to the collection of services that are being offered by a company to an individual or business in order to host a website. By hosting a website, we mean, allocating space on a web server to store all the files of a website so that they can be accessed online by anyone having the website address. Every website that you have ever accessed via a browser has been hosted on a server somewhere around the world.

The amount of space allocated to a particular website depends on the size of the website as well as…

If you are a business that has cloud based information management system chances are that you have heard of Amazon Web Services and more specifically Amazon Simple Storage Service. It is one of the most popular storage service in the market and is being utilized for a variety of applications from blogs, static websites, personal media storage, data analytics. staging sites and enterprise backup storage.

AWS S3 expenditures can be one of the highest cost drivers since the simple storage service is storage cost charged per GB and can incur transfer fees.

Here is a brief explanation of the different…

Horizontal Scaling and Vertical Scaling are the two methods which you can use to support increased traffic on your web server.

Vertical Scaling

Vertical scaling is simple you just increase the resources on your server so that it can support increased traffic. For Example, If you are using AWS LightSail $5 instance a day, and your traffic doubles, you would move to $10 instance. This is premise of Vertical Scaling you just add more resources to your server so that you can handle the extra traffic.

Horizontal Scaling

Horizontal Scaling includes additional servers behind a load balancer which helps you…

There is no more important decision than deciding the best way for you and a potential client to start working together. Proper planning with the correct billing model will save everyone time and aggravation in the long run

Time & Material

Time & Material model is based on actual time invested into the development and cost of materials and equipment usage. This model is flexible for clients that have changing needs.


If you getting ready to launch product here are three things you can do at to make it “sticky like glue”


1. You need to make it a part of someones daily routine. An example of this is our review software. When I client is using it every week they feed it a list t a list of emails, and then its sit and forget and the reviews pour in.

2. You need to make their job easier. To give an example is a text messaging software that automatically notifies clients of cancelations and allow them to book right…

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