“Error establishing database connection” is a warning message that can be somewhat is one of our top support requests. This frequently happens when someone attempts to load a webpage and all you see is a white box with this baffling warning message. …

What is Web Hosting?

The term web hosting refers to the collection of services that are being offered by a company to an individual or business in order to host a website. By hosting a website, we mean, allocating space on a web server to store all the files of a website so that…

Horizontal Scaling and Vertical Scaling are the two methods which you can use to support increased traffic on your web server.

Vertical Scaling

Vertical scaling is simple you just increase the resources on your server so that it can support increased traffic. For Example, If you are using AWS LightSail…

There is no more important decision than deciding the best way for you and a potential client to start working together. Proper planning with the correct billing model will save everyone time and aggravation in the long run

Time & Material

Time & Material model is based on actual time invested into the…

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