Adding MLS Search to your WordPress Website

Step 1 — Choosing the Technology

Step 2 — Choosing the Provider

  1. HTML wrapper integration — this method allows developers to apply an HTML wrapper to the IDX pages. They can apply a universal wrapper or apply page-specific wrappers if needed. A wrapper would include their website page content that surrounds our IDX content (such as branding and navigation elements).
  2. The provided IDX pages in this case can reside on a subdomain of the client’s website, so their domain gets the SEO benefit of search engines indexing the IDX content. This is free configuration option clients can request. If this is not requested, the IDX pages reside on a domain we host.
  3. Framing — this method uses iframes to embed our IDX page content on the clients website pages

Step 3 — Installing a Plugin

Step 4 — Connecting to RETS/Create iFrame

Step 5 — Configuring Your Feed

Step 6 — Adding Widgets




Full Stack Builder of Things

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Blake Howe

Blake Howe

Full Stack Builder of Things

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