How to Engage Clients

Time & Material

  • When we get a general overview of the project, the team will get together to start working on a solution. No detailed specification is needed to start the project. You will be charged depending on the project requirements as they are revealed during work. Each feature can be priced individual which also helps with budgets.
  • There are no detailed project documentation or it has insufficient level of details and you need flexibility.
  • Project specifications and requirement are constantly evolving and changing.
  • You have a long-term relationship.
  • The deadline cant be clearly defined.
  • Adding features ad-hoc to an existing application.
  • Time and Material contract cost may turn out to be less than in a fixed bid. Depending on how the work flows. You may get into the project and decide it is not viable or a much smaller MVP is needed.
  • It is easy to change priorities of specific features and add new ones.
  • Deadline can be easily changed if needed based on cashflow, or availability
  • Reduce the risk of unmet expectations — the whole process is transparent and clear, payment occurs when the it is developed.

Fixed Price

  • Having received detailed project specifications we study them, provide an estimate and contract is signed, no additional functionality can be added to the scope of work without a cost re-estimation. Its set in stone, unless a change order if filed.
  • Project specifications are clearly defined and will not be altered before the release.
  • Technical documentation is properly planned and available. This documentation can use
  • There are clear deadlines and/or a limited budget.
  • Risk are minimized, the web solution is built exactly according ti the specifications provided.
  • No extra expenses as the price cannot be changed if the specifications stay the same.
  • Elimination of potential misunderstanding and disagreement with the software developer.




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Blake Howe

Blake Howe

Full Stack Builder of Things

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