Securing WordPress Sites

  • WordPress updates must be done in a controlled manner,monitored and verified.
  • You need to have some sort of process to scan the sites daily, and someone to perform remediation on what they find.
  • Perform daily scans against the WordPress repository for changed files. This is normally a sure sign that you have been infected.
  • Offsite Backups, backups, and backups. Hopefully you see the importance of backups.
  • Special .htaccess filtering and settings (these are can be server dependent and implemented in multiple ways depending on your situation)
  • Blacklist monitoring for the server IP. If you are black listed
  • Put all your sites on SMTP mail keep them off the server. There are any number of plugins that will do this.
  • Install and configure ClamAV to give you daily reports
  • Setup and configure Nagios for server monitoring.
  • Install and configure CFX . (Config Server is an tool we swear by)




Full Stack Builder of Things

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Blake Howe

Blake Howe

Full Stack Builder of Things

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